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Male Engagement Rings – The Next Big Trend?

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31 Jul 2016

When a couple gets engaged, it’s common for the woman to wear an engagement ring, but for more and more couples, the lady is not the only one to get a sparkly new piece of jewellery after a proposal!

Male engagement rings, or ‘man-gagement’ rings as they are known, have become increasingly trendy over the past few years. Their popularity has been helped by celebrities like Michael Buble, Johnny Depp and Charlie Sheen, who all sported rings during their engagements.

 Man Engagement

Less bling for the man-gagement ring

While they often feature diamonds as part of their design, as a rule, male engagement rings are more understated and simple than their female equivalent.

Rather than a huge sparkly rock, a man-gagement ring generally looks more like a wedding band, although we have seen some exceptions.

What is behind the trend towards man-gagement rings?

Man-gagement rings may be considered a recent development, but in some cultures, it has long been the norm for both members of an engaged couple to wear a ring. The recent move in our society towards male engagement rings is believed to be due to a number of different social and economic factors, including:

  • Greater equality between men and women

Changing gender roles in society over the past 100 years have led many to believe that the practice of the woman parading her off-the-market status with a rock while the man doesn’t is imbalanced.

In previous centuries, when approaching and initiating romantic relationships was the sole domain of men, this imbalance may have made sense. But these days, women are often the ones doing the initiating. This means that for single women, having a visual cue to show them when a man is off limits is very useful, and can help avoid an awkward situation.

  • Legality of same sex marriage in many countries

Much of the push towards man-gagement rings has come from the increase in same sex weddings and engagements. It’s not only heterosexual couples who want to show their commitment to the world, many same sex couples also decide to wear engagement rings as a symbol of their commitment and love for each other.

How popular are man-gagement rings?

While male engagement rings are yet to become mainstream, there’s no doubt they are gaining in popularity, both among heterosexual and same sex engaged couples.

According to a survey conducted in 2011 by XO Group, around 5% of engaged men now wear a ring along with their fiancée.

So if you are thinking about getting engaged, or if your man has recently proposed, why not consider returning the favour and buying him a ring to symbolise your upcoming union?

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