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Ladies Wedding Rings

At MAX Diamonds we can either custom make a wedding ring to perfectly compliment your engagement ring oor we have a selection of ready made wedding bands in different styles that you can try on to see which design and style suits you the most.

The circle has always been the symbol of eternity in many ancient cultures as it has no beginning and no end. The oldest recorded exchange of wedding bands was around 4800 years ago in Egypt. Simple woven or braided reeds were given as a symbol of marriage.

As this tradition became more popular, people searched for materials that would last longer than the woven reeds and turned to bone or leather.

Romans soon adopted this tradition, however adapted it to their own customs- instead of offering a ring as a symbol of love to a woman, the Roman men used rings in order to ‘claim’ their women. Made from iron they came to symbolize permanence and strength and the first recorded use of metals as wedding rings.

Around 860AD Christians began using rings in marriage ceremonies. Instead of using the simple bands the rings given were intricately engraved and shaped, however in the 13th Century the Church moved away from such rings calling them ‘hedonistic’ and the rings became far more simplified.

Over time, through different cultures, the designs of wedding bands have since flourished. Some wealthy Middle Eastern men gave puzzle rings, which would fall apart if taken off – this was so that when he went away he would know if his wife had been unfaithful and removed her ring as they can only be put back together if you have the knowledge and skills to do so.

Diamonds only really became popular in wedding bands after the 1800’s driven by the popularity of Diamond Engagement rings, women wanted a wedding band to match.

The common theme throughout history is that the wedding band has always been a symbol of everlasting love and today there is a huge range of designs and options available, you are only limited by your imagination.


Custom Design your Wedding Band to Match your Unique Engagement Ring

At MAX Diamonds we have a variety of precious metal wedding band designs & styles with or without diamonds.  It is really helpful to book an appointment to come in to try on the various different styles to see which you like the most. Often a very elaborate diamond encrusted engagement ring is complemented by a classic plain gold or platinum band, or alternatively a simple traditional solitaire might look amazing with a wedding band set with a row of matching smaller diamonds.  The choice of wedding band is completely up to you – many couples come in and make an afternoon or evening out of it by booking an appointment with us to design the wedding bands whilst sipping champagne, then heading out to a lovely meal afterwards.  


View our selection of Ladies Wedding Bands

At a consultation at the MAX Diamonds showroom we can discuss your personal requirements & help you to choose a wedding band that enhances the beauty of your engagement ring. 


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