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Heavenly Blue and Pink Diamonds Result in Record Price

in Diamonds, Ring Designs
4 Jan 2018

If you love the look of coloured diamonds and are searching for pink diamonds for sale in Sydney, you may well know that these vivid gemstones are currently some of the world’s most coveted.


The Artemis pink diamond and Apollo blue diamond are both spectacularly rare gemstones, but together they have become the world’s most expensive pair of earrings at a truly god-like price. The pair were bought one after the other at a Sotheby’s auction in May this year and together netted US$57.4 million from the one phone bidder.


On one earring is set the Apollo Blue; a Fancy Vivid Blue diamond weighing in at 14.54 carats. On the other, the 16 carat Artemis Pink. The two were impeccably cut into matching pear shapes before being set into a simple hanging design to complement each colour.


Both earrings were sold separately at the auction but won together, with the blue diamond fetching US$42.1 million and the pink diamond netting US$15.3 million. The Fancy Vivid Blue gemstone in particular is incredibly rare; just a tiny percentage of the world’s diamonds are graded at this strength of colour and purity. The two gemstones have been renamed to commemorate the sale, with the blue diamond becoming the Memory of Autumn Leaves and the pink diamond now known as the Dream of Autumn Leaves.


A history of rarity and significance

It’s clear that both pink and blue Fancy Vivid diamonds of a high quality are seriously sought after by collectors worldwide. The world’s most expensive blue diamond is the Oppenheimer Blue, a 14.62 carat stunner that set the record for the world’s most expensive jewel in May 2016. This record was soon surpassed by the spectacular 59.6 carat Pink Star diamond in its oval cut, which sold for US$71.2 million in Hong Kong in April 2017.


Incorporating blue and pink diamonds into engagement and wedding rings

Despite the rarity of blue and pink diamonds, it’s possible to incorporate these in many ways into incredibly meaningful jewellery pieces of your own. MAX Diamonds offers a selection of special occasion, wedding and engagement rings with pink diamonds playing a distinctive role in their design. Some feature striking pink and white diamonds at their centre, while others incorporate a play of rosy colour in their hammer, claw or channel set designs. If you love the look of a dazzling blue gemstone, you could consider a stunning sapphire as the main focus of your ring. To view all styles incorporating coloured gemstones and pink diamonds in Sydney, visit MAX Diamonds today.

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