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Brilliant Cut Engagement Rings

Originally created by master jeweller, Marcelo Tolkowsky in 1919, the Brilliant Cut diamond, also known as Round Cut diamond, are today the most popular shape of diamond you will find in an engagement ring or wedding ring.


Classic and Timeless

Around 75 per cent of all cut diamonds sold are in the Brilliant Cut shape and there are two reasons behind its popularity. Firstly, they are exceptionally bright - round brilliant cut diamonds are the most efficient at reflecting the light that hits the surface of the diamond, creating that alluring ‘sparkle’. Secondly, having been around the longest out of all of the shapes of diamond cut, many people associate the brilliant cut with how they imagine a diamond should look – it is truly the most timeless diamond shape available today.

The round Brilliant cut diamond is the most expensive cut because of the amount of rough diamond that is sacrificed in order achieve the strict standards required today. As much as 50% of the diamond weight is lost when cutting to the specific measurements required and only the almost perfect octahedron shaped rough diamond crystal can be used, whereas many of the other diamond shapes can be cut from more irregularly shaped crystal. The brilliant cut diamonds are the most multi-faceted of the diamond cuts and therefore in terms of potential brilliance, most jewellers believe that the Brilliant cut performs better than most other unconventional shapes.

Unlike other diamond cuts, certified round brilliant cut diamonds are given an overall “cut” grade in addition to polish and symmetry grades.

The Cut grade of a diamond refers to how well proportioned the diamond is. The proportions of a diamond as described by GIA refers to the relationship between the table size, crown angle and pavilion depth. For example if the pavilion depth is too shallow or too deep, light will pass through the bottom or side facets. A well cut diamond will have maximum scintillation and “fire” and a lot of light returning to the eye. In our opinion this is one of the more important factors in the three grades. The difference between a very good and an excellent grade will also be hard to detect even by an experienced diamond grader without doing all the tests on the diamond. You might be able to see the difference between a good and an excellent cut grade, but again it is very minimal.

The price however is affected by the different grades. A triple excellent brilliant cut diamond (excellent cut, polish and symmetry) will be a lot more expensive than a diamond that has been given good grades for cut, polish and symmetry.

It is easy to see why the round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular of all the diamond shapes. Extremely bright and displaying scintillating light reflection, they can sometimes even be noticed from across the room. Choosing a ring to set your Brilliant cut diamond into is also less challenging than many other shapes as the options are limitless – many engagement ring designs suit this classic diamond shape.


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